Creating your Listing

Choosing your listing type

Daleel currently offers 4 listing types to choose from. It is important to choose the most relevant listing type to your listing as this will dictate where your listing appears in the site, and what options you will be able to provide when creating your listing.

Business: This covers all professional services and any other occupation or trade positioned for profit.

Restaurant: This is separate to a business as restaurants are required to showcase different information compared to a standard business. Use this to advertise your restaurant throughout the Daleel!

Community: Any non for profit organization or institution (including mosques) are part of the Community type.

Event: For those social events you can’t wait to have!

Choose a Pricing Package

There may be some options here that can be confusing, but not to worry. We’ll do our best to clarify them here

Popular Social Media Links: This allows you to link your existing social media links to your listing for easy access and conveniently placed links allowing users to contact you immediately.

Integrate Facebook feed: This option is not available for all listing types, but if it is an option for your listing, then this will give you the ability to automatically feed any of your Facebook posts directly into your listing. Providing users with the comfort that you are an active and current entity.

Work Hours: This allows you to enter your hours of operation or availability for your listing. It will give indications as to whether your listing is currently available in its preview.

Optimize search results for your listing: This gives you a lot of flexibility in that you can choose from a predefined list of search terms in the event that users are searching by a keyword and your business is relevant to this keyword. Provides you with much more exposure throughout search results and the site!

Featured Listing: This ensures you appear first in most matching search results.

Filling out your form

Ensuring you agree to our Terms and Conditions is a requirement to being able to submit your form for approval. You will not be able to proceed without ticking the box!

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